Franklin Spencer (Sarge) is an elderly Army veteran with dementia and PTSD. He longs to escape his nursing home to be with his granddaughter for her high school graduation, but is confronted at every turn by the unruly co-residents, a draconian janit

Director’s Statement

SARGE Director Ben DewhurstI firmly believe in “writing what you know,” and SARGE is a deeply personal film for me. I was raised by my grandparents and when my grandpa was ailing later in his life, I spent a lot of time in hospitals and nursing homes. These environments were simultaneously dreary and full of love, filled with patients and their families. A WWII veteran, my gruff and kind grandpa always kept a stiff upper lip, but even he was shaken at some of the sights of loneliness and dementia in the homes.

In speaking to veterans like my grandfather, I grew up with a sense of pride in those who have served our country. Many of my closest friends have served and are still serving today. I wanted to capture some of the essence of an authentic WWII G.I. with this film, as well as the horror of war – and what it means to relive the war when suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. SARGE explores its triggers, and its connection to dementia later in life.

Finally, working as a writer, director, and producer in the medical field, I have witnessed firsthand many personal and harrowing stories of what psychological diseases can do to patients and their families. These productions have influenced me to craft a story that also draws awareness to those who suffer from diseases that cause dementia as represented in SARGE.

I hope everyone who views this film will feel the sense of reverence for veterans and those who ail from psychological disorders that I do. I hope everyon

And above all, as a filmmaker, I hope to do this through a kind, heartfelt, and fun film. Thank you for reading and for your support of this story.

About the Project

SARGE was shot on location in Central Indiana in February 2016. The concept for WrapUpScenesSARGE was presented at a corporate innovation festival, and DWA Healthcare Communications Group (DWA HCG) committed to the creation of the project. As a medical communications company, DWA HCG understands the daily struggle for patients with diseases that cause dementia. A number of other local companies believed in the project and provided services during preproduction, filming, and postproduction. This includes Renegade Stories (Producer Glenn Pratt), Inkwell Motion Pictures (Writer/Director Benjamin Dewhurst), and Talent Fusion (Casting Director Scott Tucker). After a successful film festival run, which included screening at the Veterans Film Festival in Australia, and winning Best Drama at the Saint Louis Filmmaker’s Showcase, and Best Music at the Reading International Film Festival, the cast and crew are excited for the web debut of SARGE.





Behind the Scenes Photos


DWA Healthcare Communications Group presents
In Association with
Renegade Stories
Inkwell Motion Pictures
and Talent Fusion
a Benjamin Dewhurst film
Richard Henzel and Brian Boyd in

Written and Directed by Benjamin Dewhurst
Based On the Short Story “Lollygagger” by Brian Lauziere
Produced by Glenn A. Pratt
Produced by Molly Wade
Cinematography by Hannah Radcliff
Casting by Scott Allen Tucker
Assistant Director Glenn A. Pratt
Production Design Monte McQuiston
Associate Producers Jessica Dewhurst
Denyse Palmer
Jeff Ringgenberg
Jeff Sears
Scott Allen Tucker
Amanda Brooks
Suzy Leagre
Edited by Alexander Faurote
Visual Effects by Chase Bickel
Music by Sean Sumwalt
Executive Producers Deborah Wood
Kevin Hanni
Rob Spalding
Benjamin Dewhurst


Unit Production Manager Molly Wade
2nd Assistant Director Alexander Faurote
1st Camera Assistant Alessio Summerfield
2nd Camera Assistants Hannah R.B. Hodges
Isaac White
Gaffer Forest Wharton
Best Girl Hannah R.B. Hodges
Key Grip Isaac White
Field Sound Mixers Dan Capps
Chuck Hodge
Boom Operators Lindsey Bridge
Ryan Sexton
Lead Costume Designer Kelly Kruthaupt
Costume Designers Asha Bryant
Dawn Sorenson
Makeup/Special Effects Makeup Ryan Straut
Props Master Molly Wade
Key Production Assistant Maria Demko
Production Assistants Lindsey Bridge
Brittany Dinkel
Elizabeth Enders
Julie Wood
Ryan Sexton
Jessica Dewhurst
Still Photographers Kristin Haus
Kelly Mitchell
Craft Services Jessica Dewhurst
Casting Assistant (Chicago) Adam Lord
Location Scouts Edward Mills
Lauren Zimmerman
Green Screen Studio Services Provided by FME Studios
Studio Manager Steve Lefkovitz
Studio Assistants Ryan Johnson
Seth Brickler
Josh Bashor
Indianapolis 2nd Unit Director Alexander Faurote
Indianapolis 2nd Cinematographer Isaac White
Indianapolis 2nd Audio Hannah R.B. Hodges
Saint Louis 2nd Unit Producer, Costumer Chris Grega
Saint Louis 2nd Unit Cinematographer Isaac White
Post-Production Supervisors Chase Bickel
Alexander Faurote
DIT Alexander Faurote
Hannah R.B. Hodges
Assistant Editor/VFX, End Crawl Animation Hannah R.B. Hodges
Colorist Carl Wurtz
Audio-Post Production Mixer/Sound Designer
Ben Ericsen
Additional Normandy Footage Provided By Anthony Lyons

Additional Normandy Photography Provided By
Anthony Lyons

Web Design Ian Gilligan
Art Director Denyse Palmer
Graphic Design Kelly Mitchell
Lindsey Bridge
Concept Art Nick Diehl
Producer of Marketing and Distribution Jeff Sears
WWII Military Consultant Chris Schneider
Military History Research Andrew Smeathers
Strategy Consultant Audrey Schnelker
Medical Consultant Sean Markwardt
Staffing Consultant Jennifer Fedor
Legal Counsel Matt Nolley

Sgt. Franklin Spencer Richard Henzel
G.I. Brian Boyd
Moe Lavelle Brooks
Kody Josh Short
Janet Jean Roberts
Activity Director Mary Shani Salyers Stiles
Floyd Steven Durgarn
Head Nurse Dan Sloan
Nurse Mandy Denyse Palmer
Male Orderly Emmanuel Carter
Suzy Brittany Smith
Suzy’s Mother Melissa Heffernan
Moe’s Daughter Jessica Molife
Field Medic Nick Shotwell
Rifleman Michael Bagozzi
Soldiers at Normandy Joshua Hobbs
Austin Mason
Glenn Pratt
Older G.I. Chris Abel
G.I. Body Double Neil Schuman
Young Franklin Spencer Wes Cummins

Nursing Home Background
Patricia Barefoot Dory Johnson
Jared Bailey Rosemarie Johnson
Lisa Boncosky Hua Jones
Sandi Boyer Larry Jones
Phyllis Bybee Ron Loy
John Carver Donna Nash
April Clark Eugene Robb
Lola Collier Deborah Sauer
Ethel Ewing Jane A. Sloan
Teddy Fatta Maribeth Terhune
Mary Jo Hogan David Tudor
Keely Hughes Mary Carleen Wethington


Firefighters Background
Tim Griffin Dean Paddock
Robert Hensley Jason Reecer
Bryan Mason Justin Rutherford
Marcus Nalley Chris Walker

Crowdfunding Supporters

Kathleen Barrett Alfred LeVine
Mary G. Bibee Cynthia Maples
Amanda Brooks Jonathan Phares
Sheri Carrell Glenn A. Pratt
Patricia A. Clem Tina Rodriguez
Sara L. Crawford Tommy Saylor
Julie M. Cunningham Jeff Sears
Tiffany Harazinova Catherine A. Simpson
Theresa Jas David W. Simpson
Sarah B. Jones Rob Spalding
Anne Lampe Alicia Strong
Laurie A. Lavelle Kylan Stuck
Suzy Leagre Eric C. Tinsley
Jason Cordial Steven Durgarn


Special Thanks

Elmer and Hildreth Spencer
CrownPointe of Carmel
Dawn Wendel
Joyce Callahan
The City of Carmel Fire Department
FME Studios
Bill Brooks
Museum of 20th Century Warfare
Chris Schneider
Chief Warrant Officer Two Jonathan Phares
Brit King
Dale Lane
Bill Morgan
Jeff Niese
Ronney Romans
Mark and Anne Lampe
The Chopin Theatre in Chicago
Travis Stenger
Earshot Audio-Post
Hammer Lighting & Grip
Current in Carmel Magazine
Inside INdiana Business
Brian Wells
Kylan Stuck and Sam Schwartz
Road Pictures and Greg Malone
Victory Vintage and Buzz Smith
Terry Pratt
Stephen L. Shotwell
Steve Passehl
Chris Ryan
Jackie Martinsen
Brittany Dinkel
Writer’s Round: Heath Benfield, Joshua Carroll, Wes Cummins, John King, Adam Lord, Brenton Oeschle, Ben Wellman, Kirk Young
Amy Pauszek
Keith Guerin
Francis Jackson
Denise Reiter
Don Farrell
Tom Simpson
Kathy Byrne
Monica Nelson
Ginger Summers
Jason MacLaughlin
Linda Laird
Leslie Doane
Mark Hodges
Rachel McCord

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.
Copyright ©2016 DWA Healthcare Communications Group, LLC. All rights reserved.


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